Saturday, August 6, 2011

Miller High Life Vs. Miller Genuine Draft Beer Review - Inspection #19

Miller High Life


Miller Genuine Draft

Brewing Company: Miller Brewing Co.
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ABV%:  4.7%(Both)
IBU: ?

Today, I'm doing a beer request for a buddy of mine in California. He wanted me to review Miller Genuine Draft(MGD), so I figured it would be fun to do a side by side review of MGD and Miller High Life. It seems as if both beers are made from the same recipe. Their nutritional values are identical, so what makes these beers different?
Well, Miller High Life goes through a pasteurization process, whereas MGD doesn't. MGD is an unpasteurized beer that is actually cold filtered. Basically, cold filtering is a process where you chill the beer to a certain temperature. In effect, the impurities are clumped up together making it easier to filter out. Miller High Life was introduced in 1903, making it one of the oldest brews from Miller Brewing Company. MGD was introduced in 1985. 

MGD(Left) and Miller High Life(Right)

For the most part, both beers had a similar look. Miller High Life had a three fingered, white head that looked creamy. MGD had a one fingered, white head that looked pillowy. The Miller High Life had a gold clear body which was accompanied by moderate carbonation. The body on MGD was similar, but the golden color appeared a bit faded out.

Miller High Life: 3/5
MGD: 2.5/5


There was a dramatic difference in the smell between these two beers. The Miller High Life had aromas of light grain and heavy corn. Overall, the High Life had a very processed smell. To my surprise, the MGD was very weak in the aroma department. My nose picked up a little of grain and sweet corn, but that was about it. The potency of the smell was more closer to a light lager than a American adjunct lager.

Miller High Life: 5.5/10
MGD: 4/10


Living the high life.
I'm glad I did this side by side comparison because I would've never guessed that there was a overwhelming difference between these two beers. In the front and middle, the Miller High Life left a sweet malt taste with a little corn flavor. Almost no flavor in the back end. The carbonation was just right which was complimented with a watery and creamy texture. For an American Adjunct Lager, High Life hit the spot. On the other hand, the MGD was quite a disappointment. There was little taste to this beer. Just like smell, MGD had a mild grain and corn taste. The drinkability of MGD was ruined by its fizzy carbonation. Both are light bodied, but MGD was just too fizzy for me to enjoy.

Miller High Life: 6/10
MGD: 3/10


In my opinion, Miller High Life is light years ahead of MGD. MGD was just not a drinkable beer for me. It lacked flavor and the mouth feel was atrocious. At my local liquor store, MGD is actually a dollar more for a six pack. This will probably be the last bottle of MGD I'll be drinking in my life. Miller High Life on the other hand reassured me that it's still my go to American adjunct lager.

Miller High Life: 70/100 C-
MGD: 25/100 F



Good review I agree with you a 100% and Miller High Life is a decent beer even if they use corn.

fact that maybe you don´t know when you drink miller lite in room tempature, still taste good it´s the only beer there I know taste good warm

Keep up the good work buddy. 👍

I just discovered your website. Love it. Love this review. Keep doing the good work.

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