Saturday, June 25, 2011

Southern Tier IPA Beer Review - Inspection #14

This IPA comes from Southern Tier Brewery based in Lakewood, NY.  The Abv. is 7.3% and IBU is 65.

Appearance: (3/5)  The IPA pours a amber/copper like color. A creamy thin head that's pretty much off-white.
Medium carbonation with tiny bubbles     

Aroma: (7/10)  The best part of the beer in my opinion. I got a ginger like aroma with some grapefruit notes. Over-all a good hoppy smell. 

Taste: (7/10) In the front end I got a lot of citrus. Towards the middle the bitterness invited itself. The finish had a grapefruit bite with a subdued bitterness taste. For 7.3%, I didn't smell or taste the alcohol.

Overall: (82/100)   For the most part, a very drinkable and enjoyable IPA. I wish it was a lot more hoppier in the taste. Definitely a decent starter IPA.



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