Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale Beer Review - Inspection #13

This barleywine from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company comes in at 9.6% ABV. and an astonishing IBU of 90.  
Appearance: This was just an amazing looking beer.  The reddish-brown color with light brown head made this a great looking beer 4/5
Aroma: The smell on this puppy was magnificent.  I got hints of dark fruit, sweet malts, and caramel like note.  Alcohol was there, but blended well with everything else. 8.5/10
Taste: This is one of most complex beers I've tasted so far.  Bitter throughout, but was well complimented with the sweet caramel like flavor.  Not bad for 90 IBU 8/10

Overall: 92/100



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