Monday, June 13, 2011

Harpoon White UFO Wheat Beer Review - Inspection #12

Harpoon White UFO is a witbier that comes from a brewery in Boston.  This is the second beer I've reviewed from Harpoon Brewery.  The first being their chocolate stout.  This beer has an ABV% of 4.8 and an IBU of 10.

Appearance: Off-white one finger head that is frothy.  Hazy, Golden yellow body. Rating 3/5

Aroma: Hints of coriander and orange/citrus aroma.  Semi - fruity pebble smell. Rating 6/10

Taste: Moderately sweet beer that is dominated with a lemon flavor in the front.  Not much to the finish, which I didn't like. Rating 6/10

Overall: 78/100


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