Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good Juju Ginger Ale Beer Review - Inspection #11

Saw this spiced beer at the store and said, "Why Not?".  I personally don't mind ginger so I wasn't hesitant to pick this up from the shelf.  This one is brewed by Left Hand Brewing Company out of Longmont, CO.  It has a abv. % of 4.5 and an IBU of 20.  
Appearance: (3/5)  Copper orange color with a 1-finger head. 
Aroma: 6/10  Initially, I got a strong ginger aroma, but dramatically toned down within a few minutes.  When toned down, I pretty much got a nice subtle ginger smell.
Taste: 7/10  Well-balanced.  The smell complimented the taste which was a huge plus.

Overall: 82/100  You're probably going to like this beer a lot more if you don't mind ginger. I see myself drinking this during the winter. 


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